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So, What's The Big Deal About This Guy Geoffrey?
Meet Geoffrey
One of the most dynamic personalities in the Human Capital Development industry, Geoffrey is the Chief Inspirational Officer.
As an accomplished sales & customer service coach, speaker and author Geoffrey has impacted professionals from all over the world. From his experience as a master facilitator and coach with Anthony Robbins & Associates to sales training for billion dollar brands like Sandals Resorts International, Geoffrey’s approach to creating an attitude of genuine interest and care for one’s customers and clients has won him favor internationally.
Jamaican by birth and raised in Canada, Geoffrey has worked with people from over 50 different cultures so far to date. This has enabled him to connect with a variety of people, causing them to be inspired to action. Thanks to his unique mix of enthusiasm and humor his training sessions are entertaining, yet impactful.
Author of 5 training programs and the book, Creating Clients For Life, Geoffrey has provided solutions designed to enhance your sales, customer service and leadership.  
Inspiring corporate professionals to action and greater profits has been the focus for Geoffrey for over 15 years. If high performing teams, dynamic employee engagement, and improved company morale are sought after goals for you and your company, then Geoffrey can definitely help you.
"We create positive, productive people who create thriving communities, profitable companies, happy families and a 
fulfilled self" 
- Geoffrey H. Fullerton
"You Get What You Give In Attention, Energy & Participation"
- Geoffrey H. Fullerton
Our Signature Training Programs
M3 Sales Training System™
Create Sales Professionals Who Consistently Create Bigger Results
Are you tired of reading sales books and watching videos, but not seeing success with your current sales training strategy? Research is showing that reading sales books and watching videos just isn't enough, and adopting sales solutions your team can quickly understand and apply immediately is almost impossible for average people to do on their own. 
The sales training solution of the future takes things to the next level because now you're training yourself and your team to adopt sales solutions that can be quickly understood and applied to your sales environment.  The M3 Sales Training System is the future, now.  Get started HERE.
"I've applied the M3, since then I've broken records that we set."
- Mary Samuel, Spa Therapist
“Since taking part in the M3 Sales Training System I’ve noticed I’m more confident in my sales pitch. I’m more enthusiastic and it shows in my sales figures. I’ve had my best sales day recently when I sold 5 Rolex watches in one day.”
- Joseph Thompson, John Bull Group
"Geoffrey's M3 Training Systems have become the cornerstone of our sales training curricula with extremely effective results with our teams and operations group-wide."
- Wayne Cummings, Group Commercial Director at Sandals Resorts International & ATL Group of Companies
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21st Century Leadership™
Create A Strong & Unified Leadership Team For A New Era
Everyone's talking about effective leadership, right? We all know that it's impossible for everyone to be on the same page at all times. But what almost no one understands about effective leadership is the concept of the 21st century leadership characteristics. 
It's not internal mentorship that helps you create a unified team, it's unearthing and codifying the expertise of your leaders. And that can happen even if you are currently undergoing organizational change.  

If this strikes a cord, then the 21st Century Leadership program could be right for you.  Get started HERE.
"Each session was timely, relevant and presented new ideas to inspire, re-energize and challenge the team. It was simply exceptional!"
- Yoni Epstein, CEO iTel BPO
The Client Service Professional™ 
How risky is your customer service?
Are you trying to make every customer a customer for life, but finding that hiring experienced people is just too much to handle? Do you start fresh every Monday, fail, then vow to start again with the same old customer experience strategies that don't work? 
You need to learn about a new way of creating a client-centric mindset by actually training your team to create great customer experiences so you can quickly make every customer a client for life. This changes everything!  The Client Service Professional program is exactly what you need.  Get started HERE.
"You have inspired me to be a First Global Bank Champion! You have unearthed a whole new me in terms of building and maintaining my clients."
- Fraysha Bailey
"What changed?  My whole outlook on my job/position changed.  I learned how to value my job."
- Samantha Blake
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Ignite Revenue, Leadership & Customer Loyalty
M3 Mastermind Coaching™
Living Dynamically !
Our Credo
"We believe that everyone can realize their full potential. We assist individuals in  creating positive shifts in their confidence, personal & professional engagement through our world-class training programs.  With that we create positive, productive people who create profitable companies, thriving communities, happy families and a fulfilled self."

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